I grew up in the scenic Skagit Valley, Washington.  At a young age I developed a strong passion for the art of photography which continued to grow each year. I took every opportunity to enhance my eye and skills.

After shooting my first wedding in 2006, I was hooked! The fast pace, the storytelling, the joy, the single moments of ones life that pass so quickly. I love to capture these moments, making them eternal.

Along with my love of photography, I enjoy meeting and working with people. I believe each individual is unique and I set out to capture the character and personality in each person I photograph.

As the years went by, I never lost my love of film but added to it the joy of shooting digitally. I now combine my skills of shooting manually with my skills of adapting to the world around me to capture some of the most elegant moments possible.

I specialize in weddings and portraiture in Western Washington.